We are no longer accepting walk-in patients today

Our clinic has permanently moved to a new location as of June 17, 2019. Dr. Sabanathan has joined Improved Care Clinic (Unit 12, 1700 King Road)

king centre family medical clinic

Our clinic will be moving to Improved Care Clinic in King City (http://www.improvedcare.ca/contact.html).  We ask that our patients see us at our new location commencing June 17. We are no longer located inside Guardian Pharmacy.


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Unit 12, 1700 King Road
King City, ON. L7B 0N1

common questions

Why do we charge a fee for things like sick notes, referrals for massage therapy, or physiotherapy?+
OHIP covers a vast majority of services, however there are some services that are not covered. Physicians are pleased to offer these valuable services, however, the responsibility for payment lies with the patient or the 3rd party requesting the services.
Why do we want patients to make appointments for each person in a family, rather than all showing up together?
It would not be fair to rush seeing everyone in 10 minutes, and we can dedicate a lot more time if we know how many people we are seeing.
Why do we only deal with 1 problem per visit?
Like most clinics we have scheduled appointment slots and so if a patient presents with multiple problems it would not be in their best interest to rush through everything in a limited time.
Why do we stop checking in patients despite our posted hours?
We have booked patients and hence with walk in patients we may not be able to accommodate depending on how many patients are waiting.

our team

Fely - Medical Office Assistant

Dr. Sayanthan Sabanathan

Dr. Sayanthan Sabanathan

Dr. Sabanathan brings with him almost 20 years of experience in the field and in various clinical backgrounds. He did his residency in England and worked in British Columbia for several years before returning to Ontario. Having worked in various systems, he decided to start his own clinic and provide services to his local community. He enjoys living and working in King City.

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We are conveniently located within the Guardian Pharmacy

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Unit 12, 1700 King Road
King City, ON. L7B 0N1